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WASPcam sports camera with wrist control is ready to go pro

New in Canada: an action camera with wide angle and WiFi

WASPcam, a new action camera that was designed in Ajax, Ontario, is now available through Canada’s local bike shops. It includes high-resolution optics, plenty of accessories, plus a sponsorship offer.

WASPcam action camera side, top view showing LED display

WASPcam delivers high definition video in 1080p30, 960p30 or 720p60. Control the action with an easy-to-read LED or a WiFi-driven remote control you wear on your wrist.

Justin Moore—who developed the WASPcam sport action camera from his experiences in extreme sports—announced in August that he is partnering with distributor Live to Play Sports to bring the tough action cam to the cycling world. And to kick off the camera’s launch, Moore is offering WASPcam sponsorship perks to athletes who are willing, as their motto suggests, to PROVE IT!

What is WASPcam?

The WASP (Wide Action Sport Photography) 9901 is a compact, action-ready camera that records high-definition video footage up to 1080p30, shoots still photos at 5 megapixels, and includes an app that streams video to your smartphone’s screen.


WASPcam includes the ActionCam! app. It uses your smartphone’s WiFi to stream video from WASPcam to the phone’s screen for simultaneous viewing, recording, and instant sharing.

It has wide and ultra-wide view capacity; 1, 3, 5, 10, 30, and 60-second intervals; and a quick-snap photo burst to capture for ten photos a second. The camera is also waterproof, includes twelve mounts and accessories (also available separately), is compatible with GoPro® accessories, and retails for $229.99*

Control the WASPcam from your wrist

Waspcam GoPro-style sports action camera's wrist remote control

Control WASPcam camera settings from your wrist: take a photo or start or stop video recording.

The 9900 version of the WASPcam camera has the same specs and accessories, but also includes a WiFi wrist remote control that works up to 5 meters away. Both the camera and wrist control retail for $269.99*

Working with Live to Play Sports’ independently-owned bike shops and sports retailers, WASPcam expects to be available to consumers in late September.

WASPcam invites you to get sponsored and PROVE IT!

In the air, in the snow, on the ground, or underwater, WASPcam wants to make you a star when you do what you love and PROVE IT! with a video. To qualify you must own a WASPcam; participate in at least six sports or events a year; be connected through social media; and complete an application. You could receive $20 per video, exposure on the WASPcam Video Hive, and up to $500 cash. Visit for full details on eligibility, requirements, and benefits.

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* Suggested retail price, Canadian currency.

WASPcam logo and tagline: Film, Edit, Share. Prove it!