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Axiom seatpost-mount bike rack in Bike Europe

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Bike Europe has selected the Flip-Flop bicycle seatpost rack by Axiom Performance Gear as a Product Trend in the August 2013 issue. The bicycle trade publication informs cycling industry manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and media around the world.

Axiom Flip-Flop seatpost mounted rack in Bike EuropeAccording to Bike Europe, “Axiom’s Flip-Flop is a post-mounted rack that uses a reversible bracket to curve the rack’s support stem upwards or downwards. Any cyclist can easily add 15 kg of cargo capability to any bicycle, no matter the frame.

“Other new products include a high-volume, high-pressure floor pump and the modular GrandTour Series bags, which can be expanded with a clip-on hip pack, toiletry kit and tent sleeve.”

Axiom Performance Gear has been designing innovative cycling accessories in Canada since 1988. City, commuter, and travel gear includes pannier bags, racks, baskets, pumps, tools, and fenders. Every Axiom product comes with a lifetime guarantee.