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Axiom bike panniers, racks reviewed in Korea by Bike Magazine

Korean bike site introduces cycling bags and racks to Asian market

Axiom Performance Gear is now available in South Korea. When samples arrived at Bike Magazine (Korea) offices, reviewer Lee Jung Hyun grabbed his camera and documented his unboxing:

Screenshot of bicycle equiped with Axiom front and rear bike panniers, saddle bag, and Smart Bag on top tube.

The review is posted at bikem.co.kr. Sure, it’s entirely in Korean, but you can use your Web browser to translate the text. Or just click these images to view their more than 75 photos of Axiom Gear from every angle.

Top view of Axiom handlebar bag, and close-up of Axiom pannier hook.

Bike Magazine (Korea) explores the Axiom Gear bike bags in more than 75 photos.

Axiom Performance Gear has been designing innovative cycling accessories in Canada since 1988. City, commuter, and travel gear includes pannier bags, racks, baskets, pumps, tools, and fenders. Every Axiom product comes with a lifetime guarantee. Axiom Performance Gear is available from selected bike shops and sport dealers around the world.