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Axiom Tempest series waterproof panniers for winter cycling

Compared: Tempest Monsoon, Typhoon, LX, and DLX waterproof bike panniers

Riding your bike through winter? The designers at Vancouver-based Axiom Performance Gear have got your back. And they’ve got your bags, too. The apt-named Tempest Series of waterproof bike panniers are expressly designed for cyclists like you: all-weather, all-season riders who aren’t afraid to get their tires wet.

Pair of red, Monsoon DLX 35 bike panniers by Axiom

Monsoon DLX panniers are 600-denier poly, have a slightly larger capacity, and have a slimmer profile. $110/pair.

Both the Tempest Monsoon and Tempest Typhoon panniers load easily with a wide-top opening and they close tight with a roll-down, waterproof closure. And each pannier comes in LX and DLX versions.

What’s the difference between the bike panniers?

The LX panniers are made with two waterproof materials: sturdy, coated tarpaulin and lightweight, durable polyester. The tarpaulin has a time-proven shape and feel, while the polyester adds extra suppleness and strength with 600-denier textile technology. Both materials are ultrasonically welded—not sewn—together to keep water out.

LX facts: A pair of 30-litre, 1800-gram Monsoon LX bags is $130. A pair of 40-litre, 2000-gram Typhoon LX bags is $150 (MSRP*).

Tour other features of the Axiom Tempest pannier, LX version (2:21):

The DLX panniers are made with durable and abrasion-resistant 600-denier polyester textile. The fabric is lighter and more supple than tarpaulin and shapes naturally into a slim profile. The bags have a slightly larger capacity than the LX bags, and the streamlined shape keeps them aerodynamic on the move and stable on the rack.

DLX facts: A pair of 35-litre, 1220-gram Monsoon DLX bags is $110, and a pair of 45-litre, 1360-gram Typhoon DLX bags is $130 (MSRP*).

Tour other features of the Axiom Tempest pannier, DLX version (2:21):

For more information about Axiom Tempest waterproof panniers and other Axiom bike bags and panniers visit axiomgear.com. Axiom Gear is is available at selected bike shops and bicycle sport dealers around the world.

Axiom Gear has been designing innovative Canada-tough cycling accessories and equipment since 1988. City, commuter, and travel gear includes pannier bags, racks, baskets, pumps, tools, and fenders. Every Axiom product comes with a lifetime guarantee.

* Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price, CAD.