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LTP Staff Rides: Norco Sight C9.1

1Jonathan Duncan, Norco Bicycles’ team coordinator, works with some of the best cyclists in the world as he travels the globe with the Norco Factory Team. Unsurprisingly, his bike skills are pretty impressive. Though there isn’t always a lot of time to ride while on the road, his regular riding buddies are certainly capable of teaching a thing or two about bike handling. Whether ripping around the Austrian countryside, or cruising his local trails in Maple Ridge, BC, Jonathan makes the most of his Norco Sight C9.1’s aggressive geometry and competitive weight.


Given the varied terrain that Jonathan rides, he chose a more aggressive tire spec than stock, favouring a beefy sidewall and tacky rubber over the lighter-weight and faster-rolling Schwalbe tires that are shipped with Sight. The E*13 TRS+ and TRSr tires that Jonathan has spec’d are set up tubeless, and run at lower pressures- around 20psi- for extra grip in loose or slippery terrain. The reinforced sidewalls of the TRS+ and TRSr tires are tough enough to withstand rock strikes, even at low pressures.


“The E*13 TRS series are really confidence-inspiring tires. I’ve been super impressed with the traction, but you can still get them to break loose when you want to get rowdy on groomed trails”

Jonathan is a huge fan of WTB’s saddles, and he set this bike up with a Silverado saddle right away. The Silverado comes in at a relatively narrow 133mm width, with a flat top and a longer nose than saddles like the WTB Volt. This makes for a saddle that’s very easy to move around on for seated climbs, and lowers the chances of snagging baggy shorts on behind-the-seat descents.


“The saddle is one of the first items I usually change out on my bikes- I love the WTB Silverado, and so I take mine with me from bike to bike.”

To stick himself to the bike, even when the terrain gets really bumpy, Jonathan prefers Crankbrothers Mallet DH pedals. The pair he’s running is a bit older, as they’ve held up to Jonathan’s abuse over the span of a couple of bike builds. The Crank brothers clip-action tends to be a bit stiffer than SPD-setups like DMR’s V-twin, but can be set up for those who favour a shallower release-angle. The Mallet DH’s have a large platform surrounding the engagement hoops, meaning that even in situations where Jonathan misses a clip-in, he can still stay in control.


“Missing a clip-in is the worst, especially before dropping into a sketchy section of trail The Crankbrothers Mallet’s have a large enough platform for confident control even when not clipped-in.”

With summer well underway, and the events season in full swing, you stand a good chance of bumping into Jonathan at a Norco booth in your town. Make sure to drop by and say hi- you might be able to convince him to escape for a ride to the local trails too!

All the products you see featured on Jonathan’s bike can be found through your local LTP Sports dealer. Drop by and discuss your bike and riding style, and they can help you customize your trail bike to suit your needs exactly!



• Large concave platform provides a secure and comfortable foothold.
• 8 adjustable pins per side to dial-in additional grip.
• Ribbed body for better traction when unclipped.
• 5 year warranty
• 479 g per pair


257779-01TRSR TIRE (27.5/29)

• True 2.35 width optimized for modern inner rim widths of 24-31mm
• Hard-biting side knobs is bolstered by an angled, structural base to control roll under high speed cornering. Ramped, shorter center knobs keep TRS tires rolling fast
• Sturdy enduro-specific casing with a tough reinforced sidewall, bridging the gap between too-light XC/Trail casing and too-heavy full-on DH casings.
• Compound: Sticky triple compound (42a/40a+72a)
• Weights: 900g (27.5) / 930g (29)