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11 speed shifting on a Budget

If you’re anything like me, the more gears you can have on your bike, the more you enjoy the ride. While I prefer the simplicity and reliability of a 1x setup, the gear range can be limiting without the right equipment. The 11 speed Sram drivetrain that I’m currently running is absolutely fantastic, shifting flawlessly even under the adverse conditions that I frequently drag it through. The move to a SRAM drivetrain was a quick one, it was made temporarily more complicated by my lack of XD driver-equipped wheels to run a SRAM cassette.

sun race

Enter the SunRace CSMX80 11 speed Cassette. The CSMX80 slides onto a standard freehub body like a regular 10 or 11 speed cassette, but allows you to run the wider ranges associated with SRAM’s XD-driver systems. With an 11-50T spread, steep trails offer less of a hurdle to my ride, allowing me to stay seated and conserve energy longer.

Installation of the CSMX80 is a breeze. The unit comes in seven distinct parts, with the lowest three rings, as well as the next three both on individual carriers. With the significant torque applied to the freehub body when turning these massive rings, the three-ring carrier prevents the rings from galling the freehub body and preventing future removal.


The rings slide on in descending order of size, and are keyed so the individual rings can’t get flipped around, negating the efficacy of the machined shifting ramps.



The CSMX80 is available for order through your local LTP Sports dealer. Make sure to check one out the next time you’re there!

Maximum wide-range 11-50T 11sp mountainbike gearing at minimum weight (519 g)
Compatible with Shimano HG splined freehub bodies
2 largest sprockets (42T & 50T) are
manufactured from heat-treated AL-7075 for maximum strength and longevity
Compatible with Shimano 11sp GS rear
derailleurs (rated for a 46T max sprocket
size) on a 1x drivetrain without any B-tension
modification required
11-13-15-18-21-24-28-32-36-42-50T sprockets
give 455% range
MSRP: $174.99 (50T)